Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Fabris Readthrough, Initial Comments and Such.

Right, here we go. Parts One through Six are copied from my Google Plus account, after the interface there got really dumb, and after I figured that I wanted this to be more accessible to people, so I can learn more and more people can learn, and we can all get more awesome.

I'm not able to easily carry over all the really awesome discussions that were had there, which is a shame. They'll just have to happen here all over again, so go and reread them and comment on them, people!

I'm using the absolutely excellent translation by Tom Leoni for this. If you can find it for a price you're willing to pay, you really must grab it immediately. Unfortunately, it's out of print and going for shamefully high prices used. There are reasons why it only rarely leaves my house.

(This is where I plug any manual that Tom has translated. Because.)

Now that the initial copypasting is complete, I'm going to get started on continuing this here readthrough. (As well as using this blog for other related things, naturally.) If there's some kind of really cool functionality of this site that I'm not using that would be helpful, hey, clue me in.

And off we go!

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