Wednesday, April 11, 2018

April Update Time

Nothing super new since the last update, but let's not let this blog just lie around completely dead, right?

Practice continues apace! So does conditioning work, when my schedule, son, and health allow. So that's good. I'm trying to be better about being kind to myself when my meat-car isn't allowing me to do what I want at a practice or at the gym, and buckling down and doing what I can.

The regional practice we had in Carolingia was a blast, fencing at Mudthaw was great (the C&T tourney was fantastic!), and seeing a couple old faces show up at local practices has also been fun. Need more of that.

I should really get around to editing the draft post I've got sitting around on competition, mastery, headspace, and journey over destination. That'll take a lot of focus to make sure that I get it right, but I'm hoping that next week I can finally get that up. (Warning: it'll probably still be super rambling and messy, but whatever.)

I'm definitely teaching a class on Fabris' forte guards at EK 50 Year, which should be fun. It'll by necessity touch on Book Two, but not go into any great detail there. There's also going to be a By the Book Tournament that I have some very high hopes for. I'm really looking forward to all of that, along with what will no doubt be a bunch of ad-hoc teaching around the field. Good times!

(I'm also thinking of doing a class sometime based on the period methods "to fence a bestial man" which should be a hoot.)

Balfar's is in a couple weeks, and I'm planning on marshaling the melees, and doing So. Many. Pickups. All the pickups forever.

And that's all the news that's fit to report right now!