Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Ongoing Project Thing

This entry is mostly just a reminder to me to Keep Doing Good Art (and also Science), and also just throwing a couple questions out to the crowd.

I'm in the very early stages of a couple A&S papers/projects/things. I think they'll start as papers and be primarily based in that kind of format, but could well explode into including poster displays and whatnot, just because I can see that sort of thing coming from here.

I'm starting to outline what's basically an extrapolation of Fabris' principles - basically, "based on what he says about single, dagger, and cloak, how would Fabris have you fight with X, Y, or Z item" which I think will be interesting to me, if not too many other people. I'm a fan of taking an underlying system and applying it to see what falls out.

The other idea isn't even in the outline stage - I want to do a comparison of visual depictions of Fabris' plays and his stances. Specifically, I really want to look at the 1601 version of Fabris in the Copenhagen library, but I can't find any scans or photographs of it yet. I know that the folks at Wiktenauer were hoping to get high-res photographs of it up online, and I have an email in to them to see how that's going, but until then I think I'm stymied there.

Practical fencing is coming along. Mostly mindset, but I've got a new set of drills and things to focus on for the next few weeks, which will probably help me out a pretty good deal.

Also, I've committed to teach an Introduction to Fabris class at Pennsic, so I'm busy hyperventilating about that, too!

That's about it this week; hopefully I'll get that first outline set up to the point where I can kick around thoughts here.