Monday, November 14, 2016

I arted a thing!

While I need to put together a Real Blog Post about St. Elegius and some thoughts on martial A&S in the East (and how awesome it is!) I wanted to take five minutes and be super excited that I Arted A Thing!

So a couple weeks ago, Martin was going to fight for me (again!) in Crown Tourney and this time There Was Going To Be A Real Favor, Dammit. And one had been lingering half-done for ages, but let's be real here; nothing motivates like a deadline so this finally got made!

It's a badge on a belt flap! Yay!
I didn't use anything like Specific Period Materials - I used a piece of white fabric that was sitting around in the craft room, and Anastasia found the red felt for me. She also taught me the Two Whole Stitches that I used - a blanket stitch and a back stitch. Hems were shamelessly machine done.

I realize that this is ridiculously simple and all, but I'm super tickled that I Arted A Thing and did something ridiculously new to me, and I'm going to do the equivalent on this blog of hanging it on the refrigerator door.

And in a day or so, a St. Elegius Post!


  1. You have now officially hand-stitched more things than this Laurel :-)

  2. Glad you're coming to the dark side.

    1. Let's not get crazy here.

      I mean, maybe I'll start machine-sewing some garb, though.

    2. You can sew straight lines! You're well on your way to being able to make a fencing shirt.

  3. You Arted! I'm proud!

    Also? Totally going to drag you to the side of the string geek. Needles are just bitty daggers. Sewing is totally point control work.