Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Quick Practice Report

I'm doing this mostly to keep myself thinking and accountable. So!

The big things I took away from last night were:
  • Keep drilling opposition. Work up to opposed drilling regularly. Make sure I'm doing everything right. Details matter.
  • Keep practicing open and closed dagger guards. Test them.
    • Work both of the above together. Opposition while using a good closed guard. All at once.
  • Mobility. Work on it. Both pure foot-based movement as well as just getting my body to be willing to move itself around. Body English.
  • Lunging in good order. Also, diverting into passing on the lunge.
  • Merging everything together. Cavazione while stepping in, leaning, forming a closed dagger guard. All at once, and all.
Which is basically just "practice fencing," I know, but still. Breaking it down like that is super helpful for me. Plus, I can at least do some of that solo.

Two sets of bouts really stood out to me, though!

Working with Malocchio brought a very different fight from our usual out; we were both working on very specific concepts from Devon's workshop, and it led to some really interesting exchanges. I wasn't contesting opposition to the degree that I usually do, instead moving to cavazione instead. He was committing a lot more and using a very different posture with the cane. It was all around really great.

I found myself unable to land any solid attacks on Kenric in opposition to my outside. Given that he's a lefty, and that my outside is his inside, this makes some sense to me. Still, the mechanics of my movement in from finding felt off, so I want to work on that next Monday. (Or possibly this Saturday, but probably Monday.)

Nothing huge, but worth putting down to keep me honest!

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