Friday, February 26, 2016

Practice Report

In the absence of a real meaty entry, I'm just dropping this quick practice report here.

Worked through basic opposition and also Capo Ferro's hierarchy with Remy. Good to get back to more fundamentals! My outside line opposition is still pants, but I've got some thoughts on that. Also, when we're working the hierarchy, I think that it'll be a good idea to work each step slowly and then again at speed, just to make sure that the actions are correct. Also, to make sure that each partner is doing their actions with real intent to strike - I think both of us were getting a bit lazy on that at points, and that doesn't do anyone any good at all.

Once we tweak those, I think it'll end up being really helpful to crunch on the hierarchy for a bit. It lets me work on a few things that I've decided still need fixing - voids, extending when I cavazione in one tempo (dammit, self), getting a good extend/lean/lunge in - and fundamentals never go badly.

Freebouting went really well and left me feeling great. Effingham commented that while I was doing Fabris that I'd seemed to have incorporated some very me aspects into it, which gives me hope that it'll all become natural at some point. Fighting Kai was also fantastic, and forced me to keep moving, circle, and not let up the pressure but keep it on with passing steps.

Good stuff, A++, will keep practicing.

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