Thursday, December 3, 2015

Random practice thoughts

Practice was... eh? Fine, I think?

Things I need to keep working on:

  • Footwork. (Yeah, seriously.) When I do passes, I step farther than I want. I want shorter, more controlled passes. Same with girata.
  • Lunging in proper order. When I get rushed, I think I keep screwing this up.
  • Opposition - I keep running into problems on the outside, and I'm not sure what it is. Maybe it's easier for me to find the blade when it's higher on the inside than the outside? That seems like it could be right. Also, in general.
  • Fabris. Voids. Mezzo-tempo actions.
  • After all that, just fighting my fight.
I have a mad thought of trying to get people on board with doing a month of All Drills, No Bouting at practices. I mean, I can do that kinda, but it'd be inefficient in the extreme. Rather than asking around and halfassing it, I want to do full practices of just straight, focused drilling. With pre-planned drills and time and stuff.

I think it'd be amazing.


  1. I would subscribe to your pre-planned drill and little to zero free bouting.

  2. Isn't Remy your brovost at least 50% so that you can grab him and be all, "IT IS DRILL TIME NOW."?