Monday, August 11, 2014

Post-Pennsic Plans and Such

Pennsic happened! As is usual, I'm coming out of it with a lot more enthusiasm for Doing Stuff and Learning Things and Teaching It All.

So this entry is really more for me than for my readers (ha, like there's more than one of you) but here we go.

  • Fencing is life. Keep doing that. Drills, fighting, more fitness and conditioning, the whole ball of wax.
  • While I'm enjoying working on Capo Ferro, I really want to start trying to work on Fabris. It's super interesting, deeply cool, and visually distinctive. I have no idea where to start, but it's pretty exciting to me.
  • Take so many notes from all my Destreza classes at DeKoven.
  • Finalize my C&T gear. Some of it is in the mail, the rest I can assemble without much of a problem after that. Then I can work on some Manciolino and Fiore woo! 
    • Hey, I should get a less wobbly blade for my longsword. Huh.
  • Prepare for the Carolingian academic event's poster display. Aaaaaaaaaaah. I'm looking forward to it, but aaaaaa.
  • Internalize some of Fiore's basic grappling and knife plays, so I can teach a class on them.
  • Leatherworking! Make those belts for myself and others! Make a buff coat! So much riveting and sewing!
  • Do more heraldry! Pretty straightforward.
  • Basic camp life improvements and repairs. Gotta repair the clothesrack with heavier cross-braces, and maybe make a new bedframe.

That's that, really. It was a fantastic couple of weeks, and I'm gonna ride this enthusiasm train as long as I can.


  1. After hours at DeKoven, if you have the brain-space for it, will be an excellent place to talk through some Fiore dagger and unarmed stuff...

    1. I'll be sure to bone up on that now and pack that for plane reading on the way out!

      I hope I have the brain-space for it. I suspect that I'll be spending the whole weekend drinking from the fire hose.

    2. Well, yes. That, and the Scotch bottle.

  2. This looks to be a great conference. I totally wish I were going.